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5 Luxury Levels of UV Equipment

Memberships as low as $25.88 monthly


Newest Spray Tanning Technology

Spray Tans starting at $19.99 monthly

Spa Services

Professional Teeth Whitening
MyPoly Skin Rejuvenation
FitPod Cocoon Wellness
2-8 Shades Whiter in 15 Mins
Anti-Aging 660nm Red Light Therapy
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Burn calories, lose weight, meditate, or take a power nap


I can't say enough good things about Hollywood Tans Perry Hall. I had never tanned before and wanted some color before my wedding. The owner, Ty, was so knowledgeable and accommodating. He taught me about all the options they offered so I could pick the right plan for me, and then helped me find the perfect lotion. He showed me how everything worked and made recommendations on how I could reach my best color. Not only that, but I came in a week after their opening weekend for the season and he extended that discount for me. Now that it's the week of my wedding and the snow is keeping me out of the salon, he offered me a spray tan session to get me to the color I want. I never thought I would like tanning. But this place is clean, the stand-up booths are awesome, and I could literally nap in their luxury tanning bed it's so comfortable. Highly recommend... especially for 1st time tanners who need some guidance. -Jen  G

I have been tanning for about 30 years now and have been to many tanning salons but this place is the best by far! I have never had a deeper, darker tan than what I get here. I've only been a member for about a month but I am very pleased. The place is clean, the staff is very friendly and the owner is a very nice guy who helped me when I wanted to move up to a higher level. This will be my last salon because I doubt there is a better place than this and I'm not looking either! Judy H.
The new place is beautiful! The staff is amazing and the owner is awesome! They are always friendly and helpful. They treat you like family. I’d never go anywhere else!! - Colleen R.
I recently went to Belize for ten days, had hot, full sun weather. I had a base tan from Hollywood Tan which I started about six weeks before I left. Longest time I was in the booth was nine minutes. Not one bit of sunburn.
I did apply sunscreen to my arms and shoulders, none on my legs or face, because I snorkeled a lot . I was so pleased with not having any sunburn, even in this tropical environment. I highly recommend this salon, staff is very kind and friendly. - Kathleen M
I have yet to have a bad experience! Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, salon is clean and the color I get from the spray booths is amazing! Danielle M
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